Better than Iron Men because

Tin foil is a hell of a lot more versatile. And more sparkly.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Who is Tin Foil Girl?

Tin Foil Girl is a modern superhero. Not so much 'super' in the sense of flying-rescuing-super-power-wielding heroes of the silver screen. More 'hero' in the sense of the great sandwiches of submarines. And if she were a sandwich, Tin Foil Girl would be a super one. With extra sauce. Like a great sandwich, she covers all the essential foodstuffs of life, dressed up with crispness and spice and enough variety to make it though a week of Mondays. All that goodness, wrapped up in and crammed into a portable, package that still leaves one hand free for the steering wheel of her mobile mission control unit while patrolling the streets of life’s lunch hour.

Next up: TinFoil Girl vs. Iron Man -- and hopefully a better background image.

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